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November 12, 2013 Top Ten Tuesday 4


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Top Ten Covers We Wish We Could Redesign

These Old Shades

1.  These Old Shades, Georgette Heyer

I prefer subtle, clean covers that hint at a story and not provide a complete illustration / photograph of the characters (Children’s books are the exception of course!). So for this cover I would have used a ‘romantic-yet-not-vomit-inducing’ font and maybe a picture of a parasol or glove. You get the idea! – Natasha

2. The Ocean at the End of the Lane, Neil Gaiman

I’ve come to expect very minimalist but stand-out covers from Gaiman’s adult fiction and this one just doesn’t feel like a Gaiman novel. US or UK edition!  – Hannah

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

throne of glass

 3. Throne of Glass, Sarah J. Maas

Love this book. Do not love the cover. I like the effect of Celaena on the front looking like a badass assassin chick and an elegant lady on the back, but the art itself is just.. meh. Would love to see the glass palace featured. – Hannah

4. Long Lost Song, Stephen C Ormsby

This is a great story about deals with the devil and songs that can kill, but the cover looks like a cluttered photoshop job. Even just the crossroads alone would have been better, in my opinion. – Angelya

Long Lost Song


5. Besieged, Rowena Cory Daniells

Even though this cover art is extremely badass, it doesn’t really relate to any aspect of the story, and looks like a direct rip-off of A Game of Thrones. There are plenty of amazing places and concepts in this series that could have been used instead! – Angelya

6. Kinslayer, Jay Kristoff

Sorry Jay, you know I love your series! While I do love the title font, the Aus/UK cover pales in comparison to the gorgeous US version. – Angelya


Fault in our stars

7.  The Fault in Our StarsJohn Green

Epic book with a truly un-epic cover. It reminds me of fried eggs spattered on a block of colour and I don’t like the type font – too comic sans like for me! – Philippa

8. The Mythos Academy series, Jennifer Estep

All the book covers are horrible and B grade! – Philippa

Dark Frost


9. Perfect Ruin, Lauren DeStefano

In the Chemical Garden we went from a beautiful set of books with a very unique and definite feel to them. I could pick those books out from anywhere! But here…here we have a girl who looks a lot like a clay-mation figurine and two different scripts that don’t really go with the etheral sort of wanna be steampunk sketches. It was just a let down. – Leila

10. Under the Never Sky, Veronica Rossi

The UK cover has pretty art, but it’s rather old-school and, well… pink. – Leila & Angelya

Under the Never Sky (UK)

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4 Responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Covers For Redesign”

    • Hannah

      I know right? It just.. it doesn’t feel like Celaena to me. At least the original US cover, as boring as it was, didn’t turn me off. Much preferred the more mysterious silhouetted UK ARC cover art. ^^

      Ah, yes, also agree on Stormdancer. I imported my copy from the US… because yuck. :< And the US cover.. my god. <333 I actually quite like the Besieged cover, it stands out. That entire trilogy has a lovely set of covers. Also? Looking over our list made me smile at how diverse our tastes are. Haha. Georgette Heyer, John Green, Neil Gaiman, and beyond!

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