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January 17, 2014 Geeking Out 3

Hallo! I’ve been thinking for a little while how to get myself book blogging again and I think this might be the perfect solution. A forum for me to babble incoherently (or herently!) about bookish stuff. I’m calling it my ‘Fantasy Hour’ but.. I doubt I’ll stick to just the one genre because I suck at tying myself down like that for long. However, ’tis my main love so Fantasy Hour it is.

To begin with, I found a little AMA (for those who just lost me, AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything”, a cool feature Reddit runs regularly with various famous types) that Pat Rothfuss took part in very recently while perusing Facebook. I don’t usually bother looking at these because Reddit often makes me cringe and these can get unruly and difficult to follow, but I love Pat so whatever. I had a browse. There’s lots on there from the humorous:


To the downright nerdy-but-surprisingly-interesting:


But the one that really caught my eye was this:


Excuse me a second. SQUEEEEE! *geeks out* Ahem. Anyway. So I really loved The Name of the Wind and The Wise Man’s Fear and my other half also shares my love for this series. So I ran off to tell him about this, we briefly geeked out and continued on with our day.

What is particularly cool about this piece of news, aside from my previously not having heard about it, is that while Doors of Stone (book three in the Kingkiller Chronicles series) is not expected any time soon and this very much confirms that, it does tell us that there will be some more from Mr. Rothfuss and Bast and Auri are both fantastic characters I’ve wanted to know more about for a long while. What is particularly interesting is the third point. The novel. This might even set up a new series, I presume it won’t be a standalone, knowing Patrick Rothfuss’s inclination towards getting carried away with his words once he gets going, and this excites me. We’ve known for a while that this was always his intention but it’s nice to finally have a little more information on this.

I also spotted this one from an older AMA Pat took part in:


While I wouldn’t understand them in the slightest, releasing the music from the books – which is, of course, unheard at the moment outside of our imaginations – is a fantastic way to bring Kvothe’s life and world to life even further. I can’t wait to see exactly what they release. If it is sheet music, I’m totally buying it to frame it for a wall because that would be incredibly cool.

So, thoughts? Anything catch your eye in particular?

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