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February 4, 2014 Discussion 4


Welcome to a brand new feature we have been considering introducing to the blog for some time now. So please read through and we would love to hear your thoughts on this – do you want to see more? Do you have any great discussion topics for us?

Tea with the Treetops Crew is where we round table something hot topic and bookish related that has been on our minds lately. We would love to hear your thoughts on today’s topic as well, so make sure you let us know in the comments!

Today we are discussing the admission by J.K Rowling that Hermione should have ended up with Harry not Ron.

Now apparently there were scores of fans who always felt that Harry & Hermione were destined to be together so we brought this up with our local book club girls to see what their thoughts were on this hot topic!

So ladies, where do we stand?…

Natasha: TEAM RON!!!

Philippa: No, no, no, no! There was no chemistry between Harry and Hermione!

Devi: Go Team Ron!!!

Angelya: I think it’ll be a bit one sided… does anyone actually think Harry and Hermione would have made a good couple? (Apart from J.K Rowling that is)

Philippa: I think what she means is that in the long term Hermione wouldn’t be challenged and stimulated by Ron intellectually (he was a buffoon lets be honest) while Harry was a better match in that respect.

Zara: Girls, girls, girls! There was soooo much sexual tension between Harry & Hermione. She only ended up with Ron because she felt sorry for him.

Philippa: I disagree there was so much sexual tension between Ron and Hermione, to be honest I was so glad when they finally got it on because I was sick of it haha. Harry never seemed remotely interested in her and even though Ginny was terrible in the movies she was a great sparky thing for Harry in the books.

Angelya: Just watched the Goblet of Fire the other day actually.  Harry + Ginny, sooo awkward!

Philippa: I know how bad did they do Ginny in the movies? She was like a wet fish.

Natasha: Ron and Hermione were like a Pride and Prejudice thing (only she was Mr Darcy). They hated each other at first so it was only a matter of time before they got it on. I loved Ginny and Harry in the book too. I always think she gets a bad wrap.

Susan: I liked Ginny and Harry too (in the book!!) – I couldn’t really see Hermione and Harry together – I thought they were more like brother and sister!!

Devi: To expand my original comment of “Go team Ron! I sort of expected Harry and Hermione to get together, until about book 3 (maybe it was book 2 …. I read it sooo long ago) when the sexual tension between Ron and her was really obvious. I personally think long term Ron was the better choice. Ron really liked her (Harry didn’t) and he was obviously engaging enough to keep her attention because they used to communicate over the holidays. I also thought Ron’s clumsiness was due to a lack of confidence and something he would grow out of.

…So there you have it folks, I think it’s safe to say that a large portion of the Harry Potter fan base were happy about how J.K Rowling went about things and didn’t feel Harry & Hermione were better suited.  How do you feel about the way this trio ended?

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4 Responses to “Tea with the Treetops Crew – Hermione”

  1. Ebony

    I definitely could not see Harry and Hermione together in the long term! I agree with everything that Philippa and Devi said.

  2. Kim @ The Avid Reader

    Oh I really like the point that Ron’s clumsiness stemmed from a lack of confidence and was something he’d likely grow out of! There were times that Ron drove me crazy, but it can’t be easy being best friend of The Great And Wonderful Harry Potter, you know? I sometimes questioned Hermoine + Ron but I thought it was believably portrayed. And Harry + Hermoine? Noooooo. That’s borderline incest haha.
    Kim @ The Avid Reader recently posted…Book Review: Poison Dance by Livia BlackburneMy Profile

  3. Amanda

    I was personally very upset when I heard that Rowling had said it was a mistake. I’ve read the Harry Potter series numerous times, and not once could I picture Harry and Hermione together. I agree with what Susan said; they reminded me of a brother and sister. Ron and Hermione did have all that sexual tension, and they bicker and argue because yes, they do drive each other mad… but that does not mean they don’t like/love one another. Honestly, Ron and Hermione remind me of myself and my fiance. Sometimes relationships are weird and maybe they seem like they don’t fit, but it’s good to be with someone who isn’t exactly like you, who challenges you. I feel that Hermione and Ron both are able to challenge each other in ways that they both need from a partner.
    Sorry for the long rant… just my opinion, and I do respect the people who thought Harry and Hermione would have been a good couple. I just personally cannot see it.
    Amanda recently posted…The Winter SeaMy Profile

  4. Alyn Y

    I can’t see Hermione and Harry together as a married couple or even dating. I didn’t like Harry and Ginny either so I guess I cheered a bit when J.K. Rowling said that she would have liked Hermione and Harry to end up with each other, because to me that mean no Ginny and Harry! Between those two choices, I preferred Hermione and Harry. People say they can’t imagine it any other way because of how the books were written. That’s true. But I believe it would have been just as easy to have written it so that Hermione and Harry ended up together and I’m sure that J.K. Rowling is a good enough author that even if she chose that route, the HP series would still have been just as great.

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