Review: Stillpoint, Katie Kacvinsky

September 8, 2014 Reviews 2 ★★★★

Review: Stillpoint, Katie KacvinskyStill Point by Katie Kacvinsky
Series: Awaken #3
Published by HMH Books for Young Readers on September 2014
Genres: Dystopia, Young Adult
Pages: 345
Source: Netgalley

In the final instalment to the trilogy begun with "Awaken, " Maddie returns home to make her final stand against Digital School, and uncovers deeply guarded secrets about her family an new truths about herself.


This series has to be one of the most underrated YA trilogies I can think of.  I picked up Awaken on a whim when going through my dystopian phase back in 2011 and simply adored it.  I felt that it was such a believable scenario considering how humanity is with its addiction to screen time and the fear mongering seen in all avenues of media. I simply loved Awaken and I also loved it’s sequel – Middle Ground.  I loved it so much in fact, that 17 week pregnant me decided to name my then unborn daughter Madeleine as the name really grew on me while I was reading it.

Fast forward 2 years and I find myself with a 15 month old Maddie of my own and a copy of the final book in this series, Still Point.  It had been so long I wasn’t sure how to really get started on it, I barely remembered what had happened at the end of book 2 and I was both excited and worried about how I would connect with the last instalment of this story. Reflecting back now that I’ve finished reading it,  I think going in with a break was probably a good thing and I quite enjoyed the ending, though I imagine there will be many who will come away from this book feeling deflated or unimpressed with how things wrap up.

The final book takes place with Maddie back at home trying to reconnect with her father and assist Justin and the Digital School Drop Outs from the inside.  Not a lot actually happens action wise throughout this story it predominantly focuses on character development and plot conclusion.  Maddie is defiant and strong as ever and romance takes a definite back stage to her emotional journey and relationship with her family.  Justin is thought about a lot however isn’t around for much of the story and we are introduced to a new character, Jax who agrees to assist Maddie with her plans to publicise the harmful side effects of Digital School.

Being the final book in a trilogy its very hard to write a review without giving away too much of the story  so my apologies if this review doesn’t cover things in too much detail, there is so much I want to say but you will have to read it yourself to find out what happens at the end.  I will say that there are a lot of revelations for Maddie and much of what you thought is turned on its head in terms of character motives.  The ending with the voting of whether Digital School should remain the only choice available to students, was well done and I was hooked on this book from beginning to end.

This book is just such a great story for today’s western civilisation.  The questions surrounding quality of life when digital use is constantly on the increase, addiction to screens and its susceptibility with young children are just a couple that would make this series a great platform for classroom and family discussions. A great novel and series in general – it should definitely be added to every ones to read list immediately!

Quick Note: Though the book was released on the 2nd September I can’t actually find purchase links at all so I’m not quite sure what’s going on there, my apologies and I’ll update the post once they become available!

four-stars – A sad but realistic and satisfying conclusion to a brilliant trilogy

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  1. Kelly

    I absolutely love this series! Totally agree at how underrated it is, I picked it up around two years ago and absolutely adored it as well. I need to grab a copy ASAP. I had no idea it was actually out yet. I’m checking Amazon, and there doesn’t seem to be any clickable purchase links.

    Brilliant review, really excited to read this one now too (if I can find somewhere that sells it)
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