Bookshelf Organisation: The Results

October 27, 2014 Discussion 2

Bookshelf Organisation: The Results

The results are in! A couple of weeks ago I asked you how you organise your bookshelves, to give me some ideas as to how to organise mine when I unpacked my boxes of books.

The results look kind of like this:


I personally have always organised by keeping series together in the past, but I was interested to see that there are quite a lot of people who also order by genre. I actually had a few people tell me themselves rather than via the poll that they ordered alphabetically. I had no idea people were so organised!

So how did I end up organising the shelves?

I loved the idea of the colour-organised shelves I saw on Pinterest, so I had a go as I was unpacking. Here’s what it looked like.


In the end, while my eyes loved the rainbows, my brain rebelled against the randomness. I also didn’t quite have enough green and yellow books. and an overabundance of blue ones, plus a load of extras that didn’t really fit anywhere!

I ended up rearranging it all into series, but I also made sure that child-friendly middle-grade and YA series were on the lower shelves, and the grittier, more graphic series are on top, so that my son can discover some fantasy when it’s time. No, they’re not in alphabetical order – I like series to be together where they fit on one shelf. It’s still a work in progress!


Sadly, these Ikea shelves do not hold all of my books. We have shelves in other places in the house that are filled up with the overflow, and I’m sure I’ll go back to double-stacking until I can get some more shelving. I will have a library in my house one day, by hook or by crook!

Thanks for sharing your arrangement ideas with me!

Anni lives in Brisbane, Australia with her young family. She loves everything fantasy and science fiction and believes sleep is really very underrated.

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