Review: Aurora: Pegasus, Amanda Bridgeman

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Review: Aurora: Pegasus, Amanda BridgemanAurora: Pegasus by Amanda Bridgeman
Series: Aurora #2
Published by Momentum Books on December 2013
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 758
Source: Netgalley
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Before they can rise victorious, they must first descend into hell.

Captain Saul Harris of the UNF Aurora gets the call he does not want to receive. Forced to pull his team back together and go hunt down and capture old enemies, he finds himself faced with a whole new terror.

He thought the Darwin mission was over, but all those unanswered questions are beginning to haunt him.

Corporal Carrie Welles has no choice but to rejoin the Aurora crew and help her captain finish what they started. But is this mission as straight forward as it seems? Is she really prepared for the fight of her life?


Please note: Aurora: Pegasus is the second book in this series so this review contains spoilers for the first book. You may prefer to read my review for Aurora: Darwin instead.

Captain Saul Harris and the rest of the crew from the Aurora are enjoying some much needed time off after their ill-fated Darwin mission. Captain Harris can’t forget the fact that the evil Sharley is still at large, and the Aurora‘s crew are the best ones to try to bring him in. But what Sharley has planned for them is much more horrifying than they first believed.

I read the first book in this series, Aurora: Darwin quite a while ago now but I remembered enjoying it. This is hard sci-fi with heart. The characters are well developed, have realistic conversations and relationships and I found myself really caring about what was happening to each of them – something that doesn’t often come with militaristic science fiction.

This book is roughly split into three sections: First, the character development, which lets us get to know Harris, Carrie and Doc a bit better. Secondly, the psychological thrill of a hostage situation including torture and humiliation. Thankfully, no rape, although this section may still be triggery for abuse survivors. The third section is basically where everyone reacts to and tries to cope with the trauma they’ve just been through.

Poor Carrie. She had just got out of one nightmare situation and was able to enjoy a little downtime with her new beau when she’s dragged right back into the thick of the conflict. And what’s worse is that she is to be used as the bait to lure Sharley and his cronies into the open! I had real problems with this plan – the fact that Harris was completely happy to send Carrie out to be picked up and treated poorly, with only a chance that they would be able to find her again! Thankfully the suspense kept me biting my fingernails all through the dramatic parts, after I got over my horror about them throwing Carrie in the deep end, anyway.

Aurora: Pegasus is very well written, so I can forgive the slightly odd structure and life-threatening plans, and I really did enjoy reading it. It’s not as action-driven as Aurora: Darwin was, but the psychological aspects were very interesting. I’ll be happy to read further in this series – the fourth book, Aurora: Centralis has just come out, and you can read a guest post from Amanda on Tea in the Treetops from just a few days ago!

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