Wrap-up: April 2016

May 2, 2016 Wrap-up 8

toreadjarIt’s the end of another month – time to wrap-up the books of April.

I read ten books during April, but didn’t actually review that many of them! I’m in a bit of a blogging slump, I’m afraid – still reading plenty, but having trouble motivating myself to sit down and write reviews. Ever had that problem?

I did go to the Supanova Gold Coast convention to meet Maria V Snyder and the other authors there. It was really lovely to meet her and listen to all the panelists in the session I got to see. I have a signed copy of Shadow Study to give away – I’ll try to get to that as soon as I can. Stay tuned!

During April, I made an epic jar full of #toread books to help me choose what to read, but since then I have piled up the library reads and urgent review books so there hasn’t been any opportunity to read anything from the jar yet!

This month,we have a cracker of a podcast episode with our special guest Isobelle Carmody, to chat about Game of Thrones prior to the start of season 6. It’s so exciting to get into the great unknown in this series! Also, part two of this episode contains just our chat about what we have been reading.

Coming in May

Oh my goodness, there are so many amazing books about to come out in May! A Court of Mist and Fury, The Crown’s Game, The Rose and the Dagger and more, more, more!

How did your reading go in April? Did you read anything good that you’d like to recommend?

April Reviews

Podcast episodes

Top Ten Tuesday

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8 Responses to “Wrap-up: April 2016”

  1. Tracy Cornelius

    Supanova sounds like so much fun! I love this post, mostly because it is essentially “Here are the bookish things I did and read in April, how about you?” Can we do this every month??!! 🙂

    Bookish things… was inspired to create a #toread jar from you guys and just managed it last week. Holy moly, that is a very full jar I just made. With my constant influx of library books I’m hoping it doesn’t turn into a #booksimnevergonnaread jar. Loved creating it and it helped me whittle down my Goodreads ‘Want to Read’ list a bit as I was looking through the 700+ books for things I think I would actually be interested in reading and be willing to devote my time to.

    I made some jar rules (I’m going to indulge myself and list them here because nobody else in my life wants to listen to this crap) that I think will help…
    -Read new library books that have a holds list first
    -Other library books can be checked out and renewed but once I have maxed out renewals on a book without cracking it open, it gets a slip in the jar and returned
    -When having a slow book moment or feeling like there are no good books in the world, choose item from jar
    -Allowed one throw back for any reason but must read book

    TaDa! Even if it ends up being just a jar of book titles on pretty paper, I am very happy to have gone through with the project. With the 4 library accounts I manage and all the new books and holds and freezing my holds and manipulating what comes in when, I think if anything, this has eased my stress level over having to keep track of so much. Worth it on that account alone. 🙂

    My great reads of April are few. I’ve barely started recovering from the book slump that I’ve been in since early February due to Pierce Brown’s final installment of the Red Rising series, Morning Star. I read the book initially but couldn’t sort out my feels over it and nobody had gotten to reading it yet so I had no one to talk to. Decided to get it through Audible and give it a listen in early April with the hopes that visiting it again after knowing how everything got sorted out in the end would be a more enjoyable experience. It worked but I don’t think I really got out of the slump until Court of Mist and Fury came into the picture.

    Longest email ever. If we do this again in May, I promise to not go on and on. I’ve obviously had too much caffeine this a.m.! So here are my April Reads:

    -The Magicians Land (audio) final book in Magicians Trilogy by Lev Grossman (4 stars!)
    -Wool by Hugh Howey (3.5 stars)
    -Morning Star (audio) final book in Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown (5 stars!)
    -Court of Mist and Fury, #2 in Court of Thorns and Roses trilogy by Sarah J. Maas (5 stars!) (OMG this was so freaking fantastic!!!)
    -The Winner’s Kiss, final book in the Winners trilogy by Marie Rutkoski (3.5 stars, really loved the first two books but this fell a little flat for me. Good wrap up but I think the amazingness of Court of Mist and Fury ruined it for me)

  2. Angelya

    Ah Tracy, I love your comments of epicness xD

    I did actually do one of these last month y’know! I almost forgot to write this one – May snuck up on me.

    I’m so happy that you got to make a to-read jar as well! I found it very theraputic since it helped me catalogue the books that are just sitting around. Even if I never get to use the jar, at least it’s there, haha!

    Seriously, I am sitting by the door hoping for ACOMAF bookmail today. I have so many other books I should be reading, but I’m hyped! I hope it arrives!!!

    So have you ever thought about starting your own blog? Then you can write all the wrap up posts you like, and believe it or not, people do actually want to read this crap (me, at least). You’re welcome to write a guest post here if you’d like to test the water first 😀


  3. Tracy Cornelius

    Well then I will keep the epicness coming right along! (like I have any control or power over this, bah!)

    Not sure how I missed your March wrap up but I will be absolutely paying attention now so that I can foist all of my thoughts and dribbles onto your page.

    I will be very excited to hear your thoughts on ACOMAF once you devour it. Totally worth setting aside all other bookish endeavors for. I just read in SJM’s newsletter that arrived in my email this morning, about how ACOTAR came to life and I thought it really shed some light on why I liked the 2nd book much more. She had written them both before Throne of Glass was ever published. ACOTAR ended up getting published too but then when she went back to revist ACOMAF, she scraped the whole thing and started fresh. I personally think it is her writing style that has changed since that was quite awhile ago when she first wrote them.

    Anywho, hope you enjoy as much as I did but can’t wait to hear your thoughts either way!

    Funny you mention it, but I have thought of starting a book blog recently. I’m in the negotiation phase at the moment since I’m trying to reason out the amount of time I have vs. how good it would be fore me. I am entirely too aware of how much time and effort and energy goes into blogging so that is what is probably holding me back, haha. For several years I wrote a beer blog and it was quite successful in our local city/town. It was great fun but I never felt like I was doing as much as I wanted to with it and it ended up causing more stress than fun. And I also stopped drinking beer so there’s that…

    Since I don’t even know what kind of crazy apocalyptic nonsense would have to happen to remove reading from my life, I don’t think that is an issue. Thank you oodles for extending the offer to let me do a guest post on Tea & the Treetops, that is extremely awesome and generous and supportive of you! (heart has all the feels) I will think on that and hit you up via email if I decide to take you up on that!

    You guys are just too full of awesome.

    • Angelya

      I did see that email from SJM! You know I did think as I was reading ACOTAR that it felt a little.. unpolished, like she had written it before Throne of Glass. Turns out that was right! I was glad to hear that she had written ACOMAF from scratch. And guess what, it arrived yesterday in the mail, so it’s suddenly jumped up my toread pile xD

      And on blogging, the fact that I am always reading and wanting to talk about it was the reason I moved to book blogging in the first place 🙂 But yes, you’re right, it is a time sink… the more time you can put into it, the more successful you can potentially be. It’s totally worth it though, to meet others who love the same books as you (such as yourself!), and the first time a publisher sent me a book in the mail, I may have screamed and run around the house.

  4. Brittany @ Nice Girls Read Books

    As always, it was great to see you (if only briefly in the ladies’ toilets haha!) at Supanova! I’m glad you had fun meeting Maria – I think she’s so brilliant and down-to-earth. I’m having so much fun binge reading her books at the moment.

    I have A Court of Mist & Fury next. I am absolutely dying to read it. Ack!

    As far as the TBR jar goes, I think it’s a fantastic idea. I really want to try it for myself. I have SO MANY BOOKS on my bookshelves that just go unread and its crazy!

    I love that you rated YELLOW so highly. It’s another on my shelf I’m curious about!

    • Angelya

      So funny that we still managed to run into each other xD Sorry I couldn’t stay longer, but I think the little guy did really well staying for as long as we did! I hope you enjoy ACOMAF.. I can’t wait to get into it 🙂

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