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August 18, 2016 Reviews 1 ★★★★

Review: Criminal, KB HoyleCriminal by KB Hoyle
Series: Breeder #2
on August 25, 2016
Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction
Pages: 419
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Following the horrors she discovered in the basement of Sanctuary and her miraculous rescue at the end of Breeder, there is no longer any doubt in Pria’s mind that the Unified World Order and their goals for humanity are wicked. But convincing the rest of the world will be another story. When it’s revealed that the files she’d stolen from Sanctuary are worthless to the rebel cause, Pria and the other Free Patriots must scramble to come up with another way to convince the rest of the criminals to rise up in open revolution before the UWO’s monsters hunt down and destroy them all.

But Pria’s tenuous grasp of liberty, self-determination, and human nature complicates her role in the rebellion as she finds herself torn between Pax, her ever-present protector, and Henri, her good-natured friend. As she works through her feelings, she becomes increasingly anxious for Pax, who displays symptoms of a disturbing ailment.

Free Patriots from a neighboring Nest bring with them a new plan to infiltrate the seemingly impregnable UWO machine, and Pria is once again at the center. This time, she must be willing to erase her identity, just as she’s beginning to figure out who she is. It’s a sacrifice she’s ready to make to take down the UWO and save the world, but she has no idea just how difficult it will be.

This is my review for Criminal, the second book in KB Hoyle’s Breeder Cycle. It contains mild spoilers for the first book in the series, Breeder.

This review forms part of the Criminal blog tour. My official stop will be here tomorrow, so check back in then for a guest post from the author and a giveaway!

Pria has escaped the Breeder Sanctuary for the second time and is back with the Free Patriots in the Asylum Nest. She is no longer forced to give birth to ‘contributions’ for the Unified World Order (UWO) and is keen to help the rebels bring the regime down, but many of the Free Patriots are still reluctant to trust the newcomers. They still need to convince the various rebel groups to rise up in revolution, and once again, Pria steps up to the task.

This book takes off immediately following the cliff-hanger events at the end of Breeder. It has been almost two years since I read book one, so it took me a little while to remember what had been happening and who some of the characters were, but once things got going again, it was a fast-paced story with plenty of action. Clashes between the rebels and the UWO, including the terrifying cyborg Golems, seem to happen on every other page and I was on the edge of my seat all the way through.

Pria is still struggling with culture shock, since she knows very little about life outside the breeding facility she has grown up in. This once again leads to some embarrassing conversations, especially once she realises that there is a natural way to produce babies outside of a lab. Her growing relationships with members of the Free Patriots are adorable, since she hasn’t really had many real friendships before and is working it out as she goes along. The concepts of attraction, love and grief are completely foreign to her, and this story does a wonderful job of gently exploring those topics.

While the first book was rather harrowing at times with its description of what Pria found in the basements of Sanctuary, in this second book, most of the characters are dealing with post-traumatic stress to some degree. The suffering of those within Sanctuary gives great motivation to the rebel cause, but also raises all sorts of interesting questions about not just the morality of cloning and genetic manipulation, but whether artificially produced life forms should be allowed to exist. I feel there’s plenty more soul-searching to come in this series.

Once again, we’re left with another cliff-hanger – I can’t wait to see what comes next in book 3: Clone!

About the Author

kb_hoyleK. B. Hoyle is an author, public speaker, creative writing instructor, and classical history teacher who uses her knowledge of the ancient and medieval worlds to pen speculative fiction for readers of all ages. She and her husband stay busy at their Alabama home with their four young sons. She is a Readers’ Favorite 5-Star reviewed author, a multiple recipient of the Literary Classics Seal of Approval, the winner of the Gold Book Award for YA Series (2016) for The Gateway Chronicles, her best-selling six-book Fantasy series, and the Silver Book Award winner for YA Science Fiction (2015) for BREEDER, the first book in her Dystopian Trilogy, The Breeder Cycle. She was a featured panel speaker at the 2013 Sydney Writers Festival in Sydney, Australia, and her books receive high acclaim from readers and reviewers worldwide.

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