Review: Stinky Street and other books for kids

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Review: Stinky Street and other books for kidsStinky Street Stories by Alex Ratt, Jules Faber
Published by Macmillan Australia on March 2017
Genres: Children's Fiction, Humour
Pages: 177
Source: Publisher
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The first thing I noticed when I woke up on Sunday morning was a mysterious smell ...

When Brian ('call me Brain - everyone does') awakes to a truly putrid pong he knows it is up to him and his friend Nerf to neutralise it. But that putrid pong is just the beginning, because life on Stinky Street is a riot of rotten reeks, awful aromas and sickening scents. So grab a peg (for your nose) or be flattened by the fumes!

Are you looking for a last-minute present for the young reader in your family? Look no further – Macmillan has several hilarious reads that my young reader and I have been enjoying throughout this year.

The first is Stinky Street Stories, a collection of four pongy stories, written by Alex Ratt (you may know her as Frances Watts, author of Kisses for Daddy), and illustrated by Jules Faber. Brian and his mate Nerf go to war (unsuccessfully) with the girls of Sweet Street, and along the way have plenty of hilarious adventures. I’ve never seen my six-year-old laugh as long or hard as he did while we read this book together.

The language is fairly simple, but there are some trickier words now and then. It would suit a confident reader, perhaps from year two and older, but it’s perfect for reading together with an adult for younger ones.

2 Stinky by Alex Ratt and Jules Faber

Series: Stinky Street Stories #2
Published by Macmillan Australia in September 2017
Genres: Children’s fiction, Humour
Pages: 176
Source: Publisher
Book DepositoryBookworld • Dymocks

From smelly sewers to pongy penguins, there’s always a rotten reek on Stinky Street .

So put some pickles up your nose and join Brian and his friend Nerf for a brand-new series of revoltingly runk, truly toxious and sickeningly smell-odorous adventures.

The second Stinky Street book continues the adventures of Brian and Nerf, from dangers to Stinky Street itself, to a trip to the zoo. We didn’t think this second book in the series was quite as hilarious as the first, but still very enjoyable.


Laugh Your Head Off Again and Again, by Andy Griffiths et al
Published by Macmillan Australia in October 2017
Genres: Children’s fiction, Humour
Pages: 189
Source: Publisher
Book Depository • Bookworld • Dymocks

9 authors
9 stories
to make you laugh your head off again and again!

A scary shower + three twisty little pigs + a choose your own adventure + a Halloween chicken + a demonic clown + an unexpected gift + terrible twins + a famous dancing dog + a running race like no other = one hilarious book.

And lastly, Laugh Your Head Off and Again is a collection of nine funny stories from Aussie authors including the likes of Andy Griffiths, Alex Ratt, John Marsen, and RA Spratt. From a mini choose-your-own-adventure story (remember those?), to a date at the circus, to having the Queen over for cake. The reading level of this book is slightly higher than the Stinky Street books, although it’s a great one to read aloud and share. There are illustrations for each story that tie the whole book together.

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