Review: The Rise of Nine, Pittacus Lore

October 9, 2013 Reviews 0 ★★★½

Review: The Rise of Nine, Pittacus LoreRise of Nine by Pittacus Lore
Series: Lorien Legacies #3
Published by Penguin Australia on August 2012
Genres: Science Fiction, Young Adult
Pages: 384
Source: Publisher
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Until the day I met John Smith, Number Four, I'd been on the run alone, hiding and fighting to stay alive.

Together, we are much more powerful. But it could only last so long before we had to separate to find the others. . . .

I went to Spain to find Seven, and I found even more, including a tenth member of the Garde who escaped from Lorien alive. Ella is younger than the rest of us, but just as brave. Now we're looking for the others--including John.

But so are they.

They caught Number One in Malaysia.
Number Two in England.
And Number Three in Kenya.
They caught me in New York--but I escaped.
I am Number Six.
They want to finish what they started.
But they'll have to fight us first.


We will not conquer our obstacles by running away from them. Speed does not matter, just that we do not stop.

This series is really a lot of fun and the third instalment of the Lorien Legacies is filled with action and character development.  In The Rise of Nine the book is written from the perspectives of Four, Six and Seven giving you a really well rounded view of the Garde and their journey to meet up with one another.  By the end of this book we’ve met everyone except for Number 5 and these guys are ready to kick some Mogadorian butt and get back to the planet Lorien. The plot doesn’t really move forward in this novel it’s more a rallying book with the story centering around the Garde centralising ready to take on the Mogadorian leader who has now landed on earth. Six, Seven and Ten are on a mission to find Number Eight while Number Four and Nine have just escaped from the Mogadorian base and are recovering trying to work out how to rescue Sam and meet up with Number Six.

Like the first two novels in this series the writing is really nothing spectacular, it’s very generic first person filled with a lot of action.  This isn’t a book you read for the prose it’s definitely more a fast easy read that takes you on an exciting adventure.  The character of Four is less frustrating in this novel, he’s still moping about Sarah and Sam but I think being around the gung ho Number Nine makes him less whingey and definitely makes his story more entertaining then it was in book 2.

Six is her usual kick ass rash self coming to everyone’s rescue, she’s definitely shaping into the leader of this group which is interesting because they keep making hints and references to Number Four being the reincarnation of Pittacus Lore who was head elder on planet Lorien.

Number Seven really grew in this story taking charge of her legacies and coming to terms with the world outside the convent she’s lived in her entire life until this point.  She has some truly brave and selfless moments where she manages to save the lives of her fellow garde at different moments of this book really proving her strength and core role in this group.

Number Eight is introduced and he’s an interesting character, a bit egocentric for my liking but he did mellow as the book went on and I’ll be interested in seeing more of him in subsequent novels.

There is hints of romance throughout this book though nothing really definite comes about.  The whole Sarah, Six and Four triangle is referenced a few times and there is some definite flirting between number Seven and Eight leading me to believe that this relationship is definitely on the cards.  Sarah makes a reappearance later on in this book and you do get more information about her major betrayal at the end of book 2 so it’s good to see how this plot furthers the story and her relationship with Number Four.

I felt that the major showdown at the end of this novel was a little sudden.  I really didn’t expect this to happen until the last book of the series and obviously while everything didn’t wrap up in book 3 I really did feel like it was a bit rushed.  What happened to the Garde meeting up and training together before taking on the Mogadorians and their leader? The whole encounter just made me feel like this was a rash bunch of teenagers and really I’m surprised that no one died.

While there are some plot holes and the writing is a little basic, this is a fast fun read that I think anyone who likes a bit of Sci-Fi action can enjoy.  I read the book in a few hours and even though it’s definitely not one of the best reads I’ve had this year, I will definitely be continuing on with the series.

three-half-stars – Fantastic, easy to read book.

Lorien Legacies

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