Review: Chasing Stars, Helen Douglas

July 16, 2014 Reviews 2 ★★★½

Review: Chasing Stars, Helen DouglasChasing Stars by Helen Douglas
Series: After Eden #2
Published by Bloomsbury Childrens ANZ & UK on June 2014
Genres: Romance, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Young Adult
Pages: 352
Source: Netgalley
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The boy Eden loves just saved her life. Now she must save his. To do so she must make a huge sacrifice. Eden can never see her friends or family again, as she travels a hundred years into the future. But the dangerous risk Ryan took to rescue Eden has been uncovered, and now Ryan faces an exile ...which will leave Eden separated from him - the one person she can't live without - and stuck in the future. She must fight to save both of them.The mesmerising sequel to the author's wonderful debut, After Eden.


I am so glad I picked up Chasing Stars I really enjoyed this one!  The first book was a bit average, there was instalove and it was very much a younger teen novel, I also felt that the ending was rushed and it was a bit unsatisfactory.  While book 2 suffered from some of the same issues, I really loved the ending of this sequel – I was completely surprised by it and call me sappy but I truly felt it came together beautifully, so it got a big thumbs up from me.

The story continues where After Eden finished and there is a little bit of overlap where it repeats the ending from a different characters point of view so there is no need to go back and refresh your memory of what happened at the end of book 1. Ryan makes an unauthorised jump back in time to stop Eden being killed for knowing too much about the future and being “cleaned up”.  The two of them make plans to disappear completely so they can live out the remainder of their lives in peace.  Unfortunately things come apart when another traveller from the future comes hunting for Ryan and upon catching them takes both Ryan and Eden back to the future so Ryan can be trialled for illegally traveling back in time and risking the timeline.

The majority of this book is from Eden’s perspective as Ryan is in a holding cell awaiting trial.  Eden on the other hand has to come to terms with how different things are in the future and with the help of Ryan’s best friend Pegasus, she makes some friends and comes up with a plan to ensure her and Ryan will get to at least spend the future together.

I think Pegasus is meant to be a bit of a love interest perhaps for Eden in this story, but it is all a little bit awkward because Ryan is still not only in the picture but Eden is constantly thinking about him.  I also wasn’t really sure if Pegasus was into her or not.  I think it was most likely written in just to provide a bit of tension between the characters and it unfortunately didn’t flow very smoothly.

I had a few issues with the future the main one being that the men in charge of time travel, while not in charge of the government and seemingly separate from the government actually have full judicial control and yet also run penal colonies… does this not seem like a glaring conflict of interest?!  I also cannot believe that their is no repeal system and that only 1 person gets to decide both a persons guilt/innocence and also their sentence, I can’t understand why a panel of them wouldn’t be selected for these matters.  In any case aside from the judicial system bothering me and the craziness of the media I really enjoyed a glimpse into the future.

Other things I had issue with was that Eden never checked to see what had happened to Connor in this timeline and while she looked up Miranda she never bothered seeking out her relatives. I think this was a little sad and I would have loved a bit more closure on this front.

Aside with the few things I took issue with I found this book a really fun fast read.   I was also super impressed with the ending and felt that this book wrapped up the duology beautifully leaving me smiling and feeling complete.

three-half-stars – Fun, fast read with a fabulous ending.

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2 Responses to “Review: Chasing Stars, Helen Douglas”

  1. Anya

    Thank you so much for this review! I hadn’t realized this one was out at all. I enjoyed After Eden though found it a bit annoying with the instalove. Do you know why it looks like Amazon has Kindle only and I can’t find it anywhere? Is it a Australia/UK only release or something?
    Anya recently posted…The Book of Life by Deborah Harkness ARC {5 Stars}My Profile

    • philippa

      It is strange but it looks like they haven’t released in in physical format in the US! You can get the paperback from but Amazon and B&N only have e-copies by the looks 🙁 I didn’t realise there was a sequel either until I stumbled across it on Netgalley I don’t believe she originally planned on writing a second one but I’m glad she did it ended much better this way 🙂
      philippa recently posted…Review: Chasing Stars, Helen DouglasMy Profile

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