Review: The House of Puzzles, Richard Newsome

September 18, 2014 Reviews 0 ★★★★

Review: The House of Puzzles, Richard NewsomeThe House of Puzzles by Richard Newsome
Series: Billionaire #5
Published by Text Publishing on August 2014
Genres: Adventure, Children's Fiction, Mystery/Thriller
Pages: 313
Source: Publisher
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A mysterious coded message. A search for a fabled perpetual motion machine. A terrifying horse ride. And a night in the exclusive Billionaires' Club House of Puzzles.

If Gerald thought his term in a Scottish Highlands school camp was going to be all snow-covered heather and tartan rugs he couldn't have been more wrong. With Professor McElderry in the clutches of Gerald's nemesis, Sir Mason Green, and a seemingly impossible task required to save his life, Gerald, Ruby, Sam and Felicity face their greatest challenge yet.

angelyas_reviewGerald Wilkins is thirteen, and a billionaire. He inherited the money from his Great Aunt and moved from his home in Sydney to a life of luxury in England. I’m afraid I can’t tell you any more about the earlier events of this series because this, the fifth book, is the first one I’ve read! There were references to events of earlier books that didn’t make a lot of sense to me, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying what happened in this one.

This series is a bit like a modern Famous Five – code-breaking and mystery-solving with a group of young friends. I really enjoyed the witty writing and the relationships between each of the characters who, while new to me, must be like old friends to those who have read the earlier books.

The only thing that was slightly disappointing about this particular book was that it was obviously a middle part of a longer story. Nothing is really resolved and the item everyone is searching for is not actually found. Evidently there’s more to come.

This series should really appeal to any middle-grader looking for a mystery-adventure, although I would recommend starting at book one rather than in the middle of the series.

four-stars – An enjoyable middle grade adventure

Available to buy on the Text Publishing website.

The Billionaire Series

1. The Billionaire’s Curse
2. The Emerald Casket
3. The Mask of Destiny
4. The Crystal Code
5. The House of Puzzles

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