Discussion: The #toread Jar

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Discussion: The #toread Jar

One day, I may well be crushed under a pile of books I have not read.

As readers, we’ve all struggled with the overwhelming number of books there are out there that we’d quite like to read. There’s only so many hours in the day, after all. If anyone knows of a job where I’d get paid to sit around, drink tea and read all day, please share!

I deal with my review books using a big spreadsheet, but in the meantime, I have other books piling up around my house that I haven’t read, and with new books coming out all the time, I am starting to get anxious about the fact that I may never get the chance to read them.

Do you have a method of dealing with your mountains of unread books? Please share it with me!

But please, allow me to share a new method I’m going to try out: The #toread jar.

During this past weekend, I spied a photo on itsallaboutbooks.de of a to-read jar full of bits of paper. I love the idea of being able to draw out a random book to read!

So, I popped down to my local $2 shop and found a jar. Then, I grabbed some coloured paper and started writing down all the books that I have on my shelves or on my kindle that I haven’t read. I included a few books that I’d like to re-read as well, because re-reading is really something I need to make time for. I also included books that I know are available as ebooks through the library, because they are usually instantly available.


I cut them up, folded them and filled up the jar.


The (greenish) golden ticket!

Then I tipped them out and partially filled up a second, larger jar.


So, the #toread jar rules are as follows:

  • I’ll read review books first.
  • I’ll read library books before they are due back.
  • Only then will I shake the jar, and pick out a piece of paper. I am not allowed to put it back if I don’t like the look of it (although cheating is almost certain to occur). I bought or was given these books; I need to read them.
  • New books that I do not read immediately will go into the jar, unless they have an upcoming date associated with them.

I’m interested in what methods you use to manage your tbr lists/piles/mountains? Do you have a random way to pick your next read?

Anni lives in Brisbane, Australia with her young family. She loves everything fantasy and science fiction and believes sleep is really very underrated.

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