Wrap-up: January 2017

February 1, 2017 Wrap-up 2

Happy new year! It seems silly to say that when it’s already February, but January flew past in a flash so I’m in denial.

I’m also in denial about the political craziness going on in the world, so I’m going to ignore it completely and talk about books, because they are infinitely more enjoyable. Am I right?

This month was fairly slump-y for reading. I only read five and a half books this month!

What I have been doing a bit of is writing, sadly not around here so much, but for a new pop culture review website: Gigamov. Go check it out – there are reviews for films, games, TV series, books and more. My article for the return of Supernatural is up, among others. That’s taking my fandom to a new level, haha!

Just last week, Philippa and I recorded the 50th episode of our podcast! We’ve had such fun putting it together over the last few years, and I hope you’ve enjoyed listening. Thanks again for your support, both vocal listeners and silent ones (I know you’re out there!) 🙂

In that episode we also talked about some books coming out in the first half of 2017 that we are excited to read, but I’ve realised we’ve missed a whole bunch, so there might be a part two coming shortly – stay tuned!

So, did you read anything over the holidays that you’d recommend?

Coming in February

I have a few things planned for February, including more review and blog tours, and more giveaways! I hope you have a great reading month.

December Reviews

January Reviews

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