Bout of Books Read-a-thon 20 – Goals

August 21, 2017 Special Feature 4

Welcome to Tea in the Treetops, and Anni’s goals list for yet another Bout of Books Read-a-thon.

Here’s a bit of information about the read-a-thon:

The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda Shofner and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, August 21st and runs through Sunday, August 27th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 20 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. – From the Bout of Books team


I love Bout of Books read-a-thon! This time is all about finishing some books for me. I have a few books that I’ve started, and just haven’t finished for one reason or other.

You can see all my updates as I progress further down on this post.

My list this week includes:


Happy reading, everyone.


Day 1: Monday 21st 

Books read: Assassin’s Fate, Robin Hobb (p285-293)
Pages read: 8
Page total: 8
Comments: Wow, that’s an embarrassing beginning! I have an excuse though. I only got a few moments to sit down to read today, between a funeral this morning and working at home the rest of the day, then working on an assignment tonight. I’ll certainly do better tomorrow!

Day 2: Tuesday 22nd 

Books read: Assassin’s Fate, Robin Hobb (p293-354)
Pages read: 61
Page total: 69
Comments: The trouble with large-format paperbacks is that it feels like you’ve read loads, but it only ends up being 61 pages. Oh well, I’m getting through Assassin’s Fate, gradually. I love Hobb’s writing style though – so full of colour and feeling.

Day 3: Wednesday 23rd

Books read: Assassin’s Fate, Robin Hobb (p354-413)
Pages read: 59
Page total: 128
Comments: I just want to sit down for a few hours and crank through this book… it’s dragging in the middle while they bugger about on ships. I’m sure it’s going to ramp up soon, but it might take me weeks to get there!

Day 4: Thursday 24th

Books read: Assassin’s Fate, Robin Hobb (p413-454)
Pages read: 41
Page total: 169
Comments: Another slow-ish reading day… something happen… please!

Day 5: Friday 25th

Books read: Assassin’s Fate, Robin Hobb (p454-546)
Pages read: 92
Page total: 261
Comments: Finally! Stuff is happening, and it is glorious! Now I just need a few hours to sit down and read the rest of this tome!

Day 6: Saturday 26th

Books read: None! :O
Pages read:
Page total:
Comments: I just didn’t get a chance to sit down to read today, despite my best intentions.

Day 7: Sunday 27th

Books read: Assassin’s Fate, Robin Hobb (p546-586)
Pages read: 40
Page total: 301
Comments: This week, I had every intention to sit down and read in the evenings, and burn through this book. It just didn’t happen, but I think I might have broken through my reading slump so I count that as a win!



Anni lives in Brisbane, Australia with her young family. She loves everything fantasy and science fiction and believes sleep is really very underrated.

4 Responses to “Bout of Books Read-a-thon 20 – Goals”

  1. Beth @ GoodReads

    I haven’t looked at very many people’s updates (my updates go to a thread in one of my GoodReads groups where I track my books) but I just wanted to say that the Catherynne Valente book looks really interesting. I haven’t read that yet, but I’ve read a wonderful short story set in that universe, I believe it’s at

    • Anni

      Ah, okay, I didn’t know there were short stories! It’s very quirky… I struggled to get into the beginning of it, which is why I put it down temporarily. I’ll be continuing at some point. I hope you had a good reading week 🙂

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