Review: We Three Heroes, Lynette Noni

September 2, 2018 Reviews 2 ★★★½

Review: We Three Heroes, Lynette NoniWe Three Heroes by Lynette Noni
Series: The Medoran Chronicles, #4.5
Published by Pantera Press on August 27, 2018
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy
Pages: 367
Source: Publisher
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"We all have to do our part if we're to survive the coming storm."

Alexandra Jennings might be the hero of The Medoran Chronicles, but she would be lost without her three closest friends. They are her heroes, and like all heroes, they each have their own story.

Meet the real D.C. in Crowns and Curses and discover how she becomes the princess Alex once despised but now adores.

Follow Jordan on his healing journey in Scars and Silence as he struggles in the wake of being rescued from his living nightmare.

Walk beside Bear in Hearts and Headstones as he faces an unspeakable trauma while helping his world prepare for the coming war.

D.C., Jordan and Bear are the heroes of their own stories.

It is time for their stories to be told.

We Three Heroes is a collection of three novellas from the world of Lynette Noni’s Medoran Chronicles. Each novella shows events that have already happened, but from the point of view of each of Alex’s best friends—D.C., Jordan, and Bear.

I’ve followed Lynette’s stories for a few years now, and I’ve always been so impressed with how quickly her star has risen in this YA Fantasy world. The events of the last two books especially have been dramatic and heartbreaking at times, and (without spoiling those who have yet to catch up on the books) certainly Jordan’s and Bear’s novellas reflect the emotional turmoil each of them has gone through, especially in the events of Graevale. This collection certainly contains spoilers for all the events in the first four books. Do not read it if you’re still catching up!

I enjoyed reading each individual story, but it’s always tricky with novellas—they don’t always belong in any particular storyline, or they go over events we’re already aware of, so they tend to lose their appeal and/or their importance to the series. The first story, dealing with the backstory of D.C. before and in her early years at Akarnae was a sweet story about overcoming bullies and finding true friends, but I would have rather seen more of her development once at Akarnae and learning to trust Alex and the boys. Perhaps we already had that story in Akarnae

Jordan’s story was important to show the way he dealt with traumatic events, since we didn’t get to see that so much in Graevale. Bear’s story does deal with a lot of events that I was already aware of, but Bear is such a sweet character that it’s a joy to read about things from his point of view.

Over all, it’s worth reading these stories if you’re a fan of the series, but you won’t miss anything desperately important if you decide not to read them.

Anni lives in Brisbane, Australia with her young family. She loves everything fantasy and science fiction and believes sleep is really very underrated.

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