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The Tea in the Treetops podcast is hosted by Anni and Philippa, located in Brisbane, Australia. Posts on the Tea in the Treetops blog are mostly written by Anni. We also have friends in other locations around the world who contribute from time to time.

Anni and Philippa met originally through blogging about World of Warcraft, only later discovering we also share a love of reading. Natasha joined in after we all had our first children around the same time.

Here’s a little bit more about each of us.


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Angelya2014Hi, I’m the blogger formerly known as Angelya! I decided to use my real name rather than my old gamer tag to simplify my life a little.

I’m an Aussie bookworm who loves to lose herself in other worlds, other times and other places. I live in Brisbane with my young family and I make street maps for a living.

I’ve always loved to read Fantasy and Science fiction books for all ages – from adult, through young adult and right down to children’s books. Up until late 2013 I posted my reviews on The Oaken Bookcase blog. You can still find over 140 reviews of Fantasy and Sci-fi books there.

I love reading books with engaging characters, evocative settings, swoony romance and dragons, not necessarily all at the same time.

Aside from reading, I am currently studying a Writing, Editing and Proofreading course at UQ. I’m an aspiring freelance editor, so if you have a manuscript, assignment or other document that needs a copyedit, please get in touch – I need the practice!

I’m happy to chat booky stuff any time, so please feel free to drop me an email or tweet!


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My name is Philippa and I’m a 30 something Aussie girl and full time mum to 2 adorable girls. In 2016 I’m taking the plunge and going back to student life studying Midwifery. I’ve always been an avid reader which is probably not surprising considering my father prior to retiring taught English at the University of Queensland and runs his own website Australian Poetry Review.

I’m open to pretty much any fiction novel but have found when stretched for time and energy (which is all the time chasing after 2 young kids) that the Young Adult genre perfect for me.  You’ll see from my reviews and goodreads.com shelves that I tend to read a lot of Paranormal, Fantasy and Dystopian books, I figure I see reality every day so why not spend some time stretching the imagination and trying something different?

I’m a pretty eclectic person and am passionate about everything from books, gaming, beauty products to ice cream. I’ve previously blogged and reviewed books at Tea, Daydreams & Fairytales which is still live just not being updated, and before that blogged gaming at Hots & Dots.

So come say hello – I love meeting fellow bookworms and geeks!